Well apparently, what you can do in these hard times of unemployment and shuttered economies, is to join the merchant marine! That way, when you get screwed over for the first and millionth time and everyone in between (until tomorrow!), the crimes against you are in your face. It lacks that unnamed subtlety which swirls invisible around the hapless urban fellows, sitting stunned in the thieving fog they grasp against. No, upon the sea we have real pirates, real kidnappers, real nefarious harbor masters keeping ships anchored in limbo forevermore. This seafaring job that nobody wants is back in high demand.

Although last year’s Beethoven ceremonies were put off only to be canceled anew this year, consider the tale of the good ship Mozart!  We have a tale of piracy, of kidnapping, of derring-do, of getting trapped in the high seas interminably over international politics, and of course of avoiding COVID. These are the perils of life upon the seas today!

There’s inspiration in here somewhere. Where is our Melville??