I'm just your average, ordinary software engineer.

I currently reside in the northern Virginia area with my wife and one son, and a mother and other son nearby. I also have links to Franklin County, VA, the “old home place” of my clan, where my father currently resides.

The goals of this blog aren’t much. Having small or zero readership is fine. I’m generally disengaged from the broader culture anymore, so such would be fitting. I disavow modern media with very few exceptions. If I were in an older age, or if I were younger myself, I’d be a good candidate for a hermit, I think. Come to think of it, do you happen to know of a comfy pillar? 

I have been working since 1999 at a scientific research laboratory, where currently I deal in embedded systems and artificial intelligence. But I have no plans to afflict the world with more of these details. Instead, I hope to afflict it with rambles and raves about literature, religion, philosophy, and current events.